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Subsidized Employment

Subsidized employment is designed to help employees to establish a work history, demonstrate work success in an employer/employee relationship, and develop skills that lead to unsubsidized employment and foster job retention.

  • Employees are not part of a participating business’ payroll
  • 100% of an employee’s wages are subsidized for an allotted time period
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Training Incentives

On the Job Training (OJT) is a program that provides reimbursement of wages to compensate for the extraordinary costs associated with training new employees.

  • Pre-screening for foundational skills and identification of additional training needs for employees
  • Reimbursement of a portion of employee wages for an allotted time period
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Recruitment Assistance

Customized Recruitments help local businesses find desired employees through an assisted hiring process.

  • Access to a job-ready candidate pool
  • Ability to assist with hiring needs
  • Recruitment specialists will work with a business to market the position(s), provide locations for recruitment events, pre-screen candidates, and work with additional team members to manage the process
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Labor Market Information

Our team interprets accurate and relevant data to keep businesses competitive by helping them understand industry trends, skills gaps, and the regional jobs landscape.

  • Analyze the jobs and skills that local businesses are actively seeking
  • Provide feedback to education programs to grow the pipeline of future workers
  • Develop data-informed hiring an employee retention plans
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Incumbent Worker Training

Incumbent Worker Training helps businesses increase the skills of entry level workers while promoting advancement opportunities in the workplace.

  • Works with businesses to identify desired skill sets that will make employees more competitive
  • Partners with local trainers to provide technical and soft skills training courses
  • Provides funds to cover the cost of training courses, instructors, and materials
Restructuring & Downsizing Support Image

Restructuring & Downsizing Support

Rapid Response is a series of customized, confidential, and convenient services available to businesses during downsizing and restructuring.

  • Connects workers to training and future employment following a layoff
  • Improves business’ image and relationship with the community and affected workers
  • Helps businesses maintain higher productivity and lower absenteeism

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