Waterman Valve LLC had a gap in its pipeline. WIB found the fix.

Waterman Valve LLC, a leader in water control products, has been a staple business of California’s Central Valley since 1912. With one of the industry’s largest manufacturing operations, Waterman Valve single handedly fabricates, machines, and tests their products on site. It’s no surprise Waterman has become a significant employer in the region — with over 6000 hard-working employees, to be exact.

Then, COVID struck. Waterman Valve needed to hire a qualified Industrial Mechanic & Electrician. Normal routes of hiring for Waterman Valve were disrupted by the pandemic. Knowing that the company needed extra resources to meet their needs, Michelle Mendonca of Waterman Valve turned to the Workforce Investment Board of Tulare County.

In Mendonca’s words, WIB went above and beyond: “They took care of everything.”

In the process to find Waterman Valve’s best possible job candidates, WIB created personalized advertising, organized a Facebook Live for recruiting, and scheduled a drive thru event.

Mendonca emphasized how WIB particularly excelled at communicating with business owners to meet their needs. From WIB’s thorough approach to Waterman Valve’s brief, the company found their perfect hire.

“We hired the perfect candidate for exactly what we were looking for. He has turned out to be a gem from our first drive thru event.”

All of this accomplished meeting safety standards, “[WIB] took all of the COVID-19 precautions,” Mendonca said, they “thought of everything in order to keep everyone safe while attending our event.”

At the end of their experience with WIB, Waterman Valve realized that “Not only did we hire a great candidate, we discovered that we have many more resources for our business.”

Their advice to other businesses looking for support?

“Help is only an email away.”